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About Mixology

  Mixology was born in  2013 in Ohio when 2 people decided to take their passion for mixed cocktails to a whole new level, Alcohol infused jelly.  Following some of their favorite recipes for drinks they created marmalades that can be used for many number of applications including adding to your favorite cocktail, hot tea, over Brie or any creamy cheese as an appetizer.  Glaze, sauce and top all of your meats, drizzle on cheesecake, over ice cream and many other desserts.  Of course you cannot forget your breakfast items, bagels, toast, waffles and english muffins are a given! 

  Many NEW recipes were created early in 2016, Little Pig and Hog Wild joined the scene to give  bacon lovers a choice. Soy bacon is used to give  vegetarians an option. These savory marmalades are perfect to finish your ribs or top your burgers and steaks.  People were calling for a little spice in their life so Hoppin Hawaiin and Sweet Fire were created.  Hoppin has Pineapple, Rum and japalenos and is perfect on chicken or fish.  Sweet Fire is Habanero Mango with Vodka, the sweetness from the mango dances on your tongue and moments later the Habanero hits your throat and the two marry to create a unique flavor that is great over wings, chops and turkey legs.  Mixology is changing the way you sauce your food. Normal sauces are just that, Mixology couples cocktail recipes with marmalade recipes and makes cooking more fun. 

 Using only the freshest ingredients Mixology follows the FDA guidelines for making and canning jelly, the product is shelf stable for 24 months and does not require refrigeration, however, we suggest it after opening for maximum flavor.  Except for our recipes containing Beer we are Gluten Free, contain no artificial colors or flavors and have no MSG. or preservatives making us perfect for today's Foodie who demands great quality out of their food. 

  The brand was born out of simple delicious recipes and remains that way today Clean Simple very few ingredients make for the most flavor packed marmalade you will find on the market today.  So unique when the flavor hits your mouth for the first time you will be Amazed.  Mixology Marmalades is a Premium product that is quietly going to sweep this nation and will soon be in every fridge in every state.  Look for them in your local grocery and specialty store, if they are not there ask the manager about getting them.


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